Interfaith Week

Last week was interfaith week, and as such there has been a lot of opportuinity to get involved in meetings and events and the like. One meeting which a member of our team attended was an interfiath gathering to address possible climate change action in the local community, in this instance Southall. The event was hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim centre, and was attended by Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews from the Borrough. They discussed proposed projects to get together and collect litter, sow allotments and about the ways in which different scriptures may be translated into unifying, positive and complimentary action. It was a friendly and informal meeting, with refreshments and a great deal of respectful interaction. One quote stood out, from the charismatic Hindu representive, and went like this:

“Coming together is the beginning,

Staying together is progress,

moving together is success”

It was clear that the people who attended the meeting were very much committed to respecting the planet through acting on the teachings of their faiths,  and were an inspiration to their community.

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Having sorted out the roles that we are all going to take on during filming, it’s time to turn our attention the more technical side of things – storyboarding, shooting schedules, script and shot angles. We have a much clearer picture of how the film will look, if all goes to plan, and are now engaged in collating our research. Sharing ideas and work on google docs has proved a really helpful way of being able to edit online, and keep abreast of each other’s progress. We have decided to focus mainly on student environmental activist groups, as it has not proved as easy as we initially imagined getting interviews with temple representatives and other groups.

As far as the logistics of filming go, we are beginning to get our heads around the various potential problems: wires, water and wandering interviewees! The script is underway and the team is looking forward to this coming Monday when we Bring In The Camera! As far as filming goes, we are waiting to get the go ahead from people who are willing to participate in filming, at which point we can begin to piece together a more solid schedule. We have decided that due to the egalitarian nature of the project, everyone will have a go at filming, and roles such as director and producer will be fairly fluid and integrated within the group, giving everyone the chance to express themselves creatively.

We are spending the week before the next meeting carrying on with the research, script editing and storyboarding, with an eye to Begin next week!

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So – we all have our ‘delegated religions’. We want to speak to people of each faith and find out about how they feel their religious beliefs motivate them to act in a green way. I guess there is no golden standard for how to begin the process of research, but a more general requirement to be open and empathetic and a good listener. Which I think everyone in our group is.

As Lucy suggested, there are already existing groups within many religious communities that have specific interests in green issues… which is a great start! In relation to how we want to incorporate the responses to our questionnaire into either a coherent and relevant script, or a documentary-style interviewing format, it seems important that we record as much of the answers as possible. So whether that be with a dictaphone or frantic scribbling doesn’t matter… As long as there is heaps of information. If there is a similar message or narrative which threads through the various responses to our questions, perhaps we can use this to formulate the ‘big’ message we are wondering about for the end…?

So, we are very much on the way to formulating a well-informed and religiously focused piece of film. Good luck with the research!

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Eco-faith act!

We are a almost a third of our way towards our eco-faith film and our ideas are progressing nicely.
In our weekly discussions we have been working hard to formulate ideas and incorporate everyone’s interesting and creative perspectives. So far so good! It has been both a really progressive and informative experience.
For example, this week we not only discussed and finalised some of our idea options (through the deomcratic vote) and learnt various camera angles and techniques.
This was really cool as a lot of us did not know the technical terms and we did a little exercise to test our memory and encourage us to think how me may use the camera in a variety of ways within our film.
For me personally, it really made me consider how we can use different camera techniques to get the audience’s attention, to invoke awe and interest and to highlight the important details and message we are trying to transmit. I am sure it did for everyone else also.
Next week we are going to actually get the camera in… Exciting!!
Our homework is to start storyboarding the general concept through our individual ideas (so don’t forget guys), Fauve is making some questions and Allie has set up google docs (super handy!).
We must also remember the camera techniques to put in to practice next week 🙂 and consider days and times for filming.
The project is really progressing well and fast and everyone has many fantastic ideas which I am sure will come together well so that we have a great eco-act film.
I look forward to the ‘premiere’! 😀
But there is still a lot of work to do… we are on track.
Well done guys

Asia x

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Allie created a Facebook Group for the project so we could keep in touch about improtant issues.

There were some interesting post such as this video from Allie:

and this article from Asia:

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Week 5

Today Dee gave us half an hour to come up with a definite idea for our film so that we could start on the next stages of development. We discussed as a group and came up with a general idea that we wanted to have people from different faiths doing activities in their daily routine and coming together at the end.

Some importnat questions we thought about were:

To use actors or genune interviews?

Why are they coming together?

How could we show what faith they are whilst avoiding cliches or stereotypes?

We then had a lesson on shots and framing from Dee.

We had to guess from som pictures which were long shots, close ups, low angle shots and many other different types of shot.

We then looked at camera movements like tracking, panning and tilts. We then had to gues from a description what type of movement was used.

We decided it would be better to use genuine interviews for our film so we assigned each persona faith to reseacrh and find somebody to interview and bring together our research next week.

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Week 4

Unfortunately due to flu, only two memeber s of the group were able to attend this week.

 During the meeting those that were there discussed the structure, idea and focused on the concept of different people in their daily routines and then coming together at the end. Some points we had for thought were:

Should it be the morning routine or a whole day in sections?         

How to consider the political element/bigger picture than just daily routine but in a tangible and achievable way

How does the film relate to the audience?

What is the climax of the film and what happens when they all get together?

Is religion/belief an explicit or implicit part of the film and who is represented?

Is the film providing an answer or a question?

Is getting everyone together physically the best way logistically?

Dee gave us some important notes to think about for next weeks session:

In lesson 4 I intended us to look at the structure of your own treatment/ideas in an effort to write a more dynamic script. After discussing what development changes you decided on from the homework task, we would then move on to structuring these.  A good method to begin writing a script is by starting with a document containing the elements of the three act structure and gradually fit in the pieces of your story around them as short paragraphs describing the action of each scene. When you are done you will have a properly structured treatment to format your film from. Please have a look at the notes – attachment – structure 3 act. An important note about short films is that although they also follow a structure of three acts it is often better to think of them like telling a joke where you have a Setup to prepare the audience for the Payoff or Punch Line. Short films don’t usually allow time for full character development and escalating conflict before a final resolution.   Using this knowledge I want you play around with the structure of your group idea (see Lucy’s notes from Lesson 4 idea changes). Breaking the idea down into segments (note this is not each shot) writing a couple of lines (describing the scene) on a bit of paper or ‘post-it’ note. Index cards are great because they are fluid and they allow for the shuffling around of ideas very easily. Again, these are important to ensure you don’t start writing your script without a clear direction. Fixing a broken or illogical script is much more difficult than changing around the order of index cards. You might find your story works better in a different order, creating more tension or element of surprise?! Also you might find sections are not really needed?! Will it work with our constraints? Is it a necessary scene to get the message over to your audience???? When you have a good idea of structure its time to have a go at script writing. Please use the Film script Truman attachment to help you fill in the missing words to complete the film script gapped handout exercise – attached. Please bring for next week. Now have a go at writing for the group developed idea using the same format…..NOTE one page usually amounts to one minute screen time!!!

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