Meet the team

The group of Volunteers working on the EcoFaithAct Environmental film prject are:

Shreya Amlani, Chiara Walters, Fauve Bickerstaffe, Allie Fonarev, Asia Williams, Kate Evans and Willow Rook.

Dee Watson will be teaching us the basics on film making and helping us develop our skills.

Lucy Campion is running the project from the Three Faiths Forum.

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3 Responses to Meet the team

  1. Kate Evans says:

    Hello my lovelies…

    Just thought it might be a good idea to go to this… I’m going anyway, but just wondered if anyone else would be keen? Seems pretty relevant.

    See what you think.


  2. Dee Watson says:

    Think this would be a great event to attend, would make for really good research and network with people you might want to talk with/ interview later! Hope one member of the team will be available to go and feedback to the rest of the group?!

  3. daeyup hwang says:


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    I hope it might be useful. Just see and look around.
    Thank you.


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