Eco-faith act!

We are a almost a third of our way towards our eco-faith film and our ideas are progressing nicely.
In our weekly discussions we have been working hard to formulate ideas and incorporate everyone’s interesting and creative perspectives. So far so good! It has been both a really progressive and informative experience.
For example, this week we not only discussed and finalised some of our idea options (through the deomcratic vote) and learnt various camera angles and techniques.
This was really cool as a lot of us did not know the technical terms and we did a little exercise to test our memory and encourage us to think how me may use the camera in a variety of ways within our film.
For me personally, it really made me consider how we can use different camera techniques to get the audience’s attention, to invoke awe and interest and to highlight the important details and message we are trying to transmit. I am sure it did for everyone else also.
Next week we are going to actually get the camera in… Exciting!!
Our homework is to start storyboarding the general concept through our individual ideas (so don’t forget guys), Fauve is making some questions and Allie has set up google docs (super handy!).
We must also remember the camera techniques to put in to practice next week 🙂 and consider days and times for filming.
The project is really progressing well and fast and everyone has many fantastic ideas which I am sure will come together well so that we have a great eco-act film.
I look forward to the ‘premiere’! 😀
But there is still a lot of work to do… we are on track.
Well done guys

Asia x

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