Week 5

Today Dee gave us half an hour to come up with a definite idea for our film so that we could start on the next stages of development. We discussed as a group and came up with a general idea that we wanted to have people from different faiths doing activities in their daily routine and coming together at the end.

Some importnat questions we thought about were:

To use actors or genune interviews?

Why are they coming together?

How could we show what faith they are whilst avoiding cliches or stereotypes?

We then had a lesson on shots and framing from Dee.

We had to guess from som pictures which were long shots, close ups, low angle shots and many other different types of shot.

We then looked at camera movements like tracking, panning and tilts. We then had to gues from a description what type of movement was used.

We decided it would be better to use genuine interviews for our film so we assigned each persona faith to reseacrh and find somebody to interview and bring together our research next week.

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