So – we all have our ‘delegated religions’. We want to speak to people of each faith and find out about how they feel their religious beliefs motivate them to act in a green way. I guess there is no golden standard for how to begin the process of research, but a more general requirement to be open and empathetic and a good listener. Which I think everyone in our group is.

As Lucy suggested, there are already existing groups within many religious communities that have specific interests in green issues… which is a great start! In relation to how we want to incorporate the responses to our questionnaire into either a coherent and relevant script, or a documentary-style interviewing format, it seems important that we record as much of the answers as possible. So whether that be with a dictaphone or frantic scribbling doesn’t matter… As long as there is heaps of information. If there is a similar message or narrative which threads through the various responses to our questions, perhaps we can use this to formulate the ‘big’ message we are wondering about for the end…?

So, we are very much on the way to formulating a well-informed and religiously focused piece of film. Good luck with the research!

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