Having sorted out the roles that we are all going to take on during filming, it’s time to turn our attention the more technical side of things – storyboarding, shooting schedules, script and shot angles. We have a much clearer picture of how the film will look, if all goes to plan, and are now engaged in collating our research. Sharing ideas and work on google docs has proved a really helpful way of being able to edit online, and keep abreast of each other’s progress. We have decided to focus mainly on student environmental activist groups, as it has not proved as easy as we initially imagined getting interviews with temple representatives and other groups.

As far as the logistics of filming go, we are beginning to get our heads around the various potential problems: wires, water and wandering interviewees! The script is underway and the team is looking forward to this coming Monday when we Bring In The Camera! As far as filming goes, we are waiting to get the go ahead from people who are willing to participate in filming, at which point we can begin to piece together a more solid schedule. We have decided that due to the egalitarian nature of the project, everyone will have a go at filming, and roles such as director and producer will be fairly fluid and integrated within the group, giving everyone the chance to express themselves creatively.

We are spending the week before the next meeting carrying on with the research, script editing and storyboarding, with an eye to Begin next week!

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