Week 3

Today we split up into two groups and did some mind maps about what our message might be and some ideas for our film
The maain points Group A’s mind maps were:

Message: busking about environment; different faiths but all believe in one thing; Battersea Power Station (rep. of energy); positive message (+ music), environmental conversation, world worth protecting.

Young People: reduce litter, turn off taps, Life of Rhyme (way text was used); around London (Thames, parks, pollution ,cars); different religious individuals doing environmentally friendly thins in morning…walking…meet an one common ground

Morning Routine (turn off lights/tap etc.)
different faiths
focus on environment
telling what faith they are from
coming together, different faiths but all believe in one thing
positive messages and facts
images: recycling, cycling
political? improvements, tree in parliament

The main points from Group B were:
London will also be affected by climate change – what do people love about the city?
buildings – erosion?
Trailer: Horror film… satire “Climate change is coming” (London Dungeon/Sci Fi)
stock markets vs. climate change – invest in planet
cultural/religious differences – different philosophies – same objective
“Why are you recycling?” – lobbyists, protestors (interviews)
Interviews? People can relate to

After discussing all our ideas we discussed what ones we liked and what we thought might work. We thought about what ideas would be pheasible with our resources and budget.

Dee gave us a handout with a template for a treatment and we wrote a rough treatment of our ideas. She asked us to come back next week with a treatment for one or more of our ideas.

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Week 2

Today we had Andrew, a representative from Camden Council Green Department, visit us. He talked to us about what the borough of Camden are doing to help their residents to act more environmentally friendly. We were told about various schemes such as swap shops and vouchers in exhchange for recylcling.

It would be great to have a co-operation with the Green Department. This might include
uploading the film on their website or receiving material from the Green Department.

We also gave feedback of some of our own ideas that we thought could help, such as a recycling calendar. We all took home some informative literature and a Spaghetti measure so we dont wast food!

Afterwards we started to brainstorm some ideas about what we might like to see in our film and started the early development process. Dee suggested we think about what would make our film stand out.

We thought these things would make our film distinctive:
-Not too serious
-Accurate information
-Strong image/message
-Style consistency
-Focus on what to do now and in the future

We decided that the target group for the film should be young adults (aged 16 to 25) living in London and we would like to show the film to young religious groups.

Dee asked everyone to come up with three ideas for the film in the next meeting. Those might be general ideas, what type of film you would like to create, what messages you would like to send to the audience.

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Meet the team

The group of Volunteers working on the EcoFaithAct Environmental film prject are:

Shreya Amlani, Chiara Walters, Fauve Bickerstaffe, Allie Fonarev, Asia Williams, Kate Evans and Willow Rook.

Dee Watson will be teaching us the basics on film making and helping us develop our skills.

Lucy Campion is running the project from the Three Faiths Forum.

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Introduction to Eco-faith Action

The degradation of our environment, and the issue of climate change in particular, is perhaps the greatest challenge we face in the world today. Communities all over the world are suffering from the effects of changes in the climate as temperatures and sea levels rise. We believe that climate change and living sustainably are issues which will affect all communities and which can only be tackled through joint action in conjunction with individual responsibility and behavioural change.

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Week 1

Today we met for the first time and got to know each other a bit better by playing some ice breakers!

We found out some interesting facts about each other such as David used to live in Argentina and Kate used to play the violin!

Lucy showed us some examples of other short films and adverts about faith and the environment and we each gave feedback on what we liked and didn’t like.

One of the short films Lucy showed us was the Oxfam advert ‘Be Humankind’.


Some of the group felt they didnt like the cartoon format while others thought it was effective. After looking at the range of films we thought about what things we liked and disliked and what aspects we thought worked best.

We went away with some questions in mind to think about for next weeks meeting: Who would you like to be your key audience? What makes your film distinctive? What would be the best way to raise the viewer’s attention?

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